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Reporting Forms


Reporting Forms

Assessments due by the 10th day of each month

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What is the Texas Pecan Board?

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Photo Credits: Texas Pecan Growers Association

Q: "How much is the pecan assessment, and how do I pay the assessment?"
A: The assessment is 1/2 cent ($0.005) per lb of pecans sold. It is normally paid (or deducted from your total) to the First Handler when you sell or transfer your pecans. The First Handler is required to send in the assessment with the Pecan Grower/First Handler Report Form to the Texas Pecan Board. If you don't sell to a First Handler, or the assessment is not deducted, then you as the Pecan Grower need to send in the assessment with the Pecan Grower/First Handler Report Form. 
You currently pay the assessment by mailing a check to the following address along with the Pecan Grower/First Handler Report Form.

Mailing Address


Texas Pecan Board

PO Box 15889

College Station, TX 77841


Board Members

TPB Board Members

All board members are pecan farmers in the state of Texas and have been elected by and on behalf of Texas pecan farmers.


More about the TPB Board

The Texas Pecan Board is a state commodity board under the auspices of the Texas Department of Agriculture. The TPB, like other state commodity boards, is required to operate as a governmental agency which means that they follow the Open Meetings Act, Open Records Act, and Board elections are certified by the state.


New board members are elected by Texas pecan growers every 2 years with staggered terms that expire in 6 years. The board meets several times per year by conference call and a TDA representative meets with the board to oversee activities. Additionally, the board meets face to face in a board meeting held in conjunction with the TPGA Annual Conference.


Feel free to contact the TPB member closest to you and make your voice heard!

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View the archive of the Texas Pecan Board's meeting minutes, past programs, videos, and more.

Photo Credits: Texas Pecan Growers Association


Authority to Exist and Collect Assessments

What is the State Authority of the Texas Pecan Board?

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