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est. 1998

What is the Texas Pecan Board (TPB)?

The TPB is the formation of a statewide Texas commodity board for pecans approved by Texas Pecan Growers on August 25th, 1998. The board members are ELECTED by and on BEHALF of Texas Pecan Growers.


Our Mission

To Develop, Promote, and Protect the Texas Pecan Industry.


Why do we need the Texas Pecan Board?

Due to its legislative status under the TDA, the TPB qualifies for federal and state funding that directly benefits the Texas Pecan Industry (such as the New Mexico Weevil Grant). Without the TPB, Texas Pecan Growers would not have access to these resources. 

The American Pecan Council and the American Pecan Promotion Board do not use their funding directly for the Texas Pecan Industry - The Texas Pecan Board DOES.


Texas Pecan Board BYLAWS

Board Members

Authority to Exist and Collect Assessments

What is the State Authority of the Texas Pecan Board?

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