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Texas Pecan Board

The formation of a statewide Texas commodity board for pecans was approved by Texas pecan farmers on August 25, 1998. As Texas pecan farmers ourselves, we have a specific vision, mission, and purpose detailed below:

We ENVISION a Texas where pecan farm families consistently and sustainably grow and sell high quality pecans that promote the health and well-being of consumers while supporting the livelihood of our pecan farm families and their communities.

We EXIST to better the lives of Texas Pecan Farm Families through improved farm productivity, enhanced market strategies, and promotion of Texas’ Pecan Farm Families and their pecan products.


We are ELECTED by and on BEHALF of Texas pecan farmers with the express purpose to develop, finance, carry out, and participate in programs of research, disease and insect control, education, and promotion designed to encourage the production, marketing, and use of Texas pecans or alleviate any circumstance or condition that serves to impede the production, marketing, or use of Texas pecans. We carry out this purpose as the state agency for pecans under the auspices of the Texas Department of Agriculture and Texas state legal statutes.

Through the generous FINANCIAL support of each and every Texas pecan farm family, the Texas Pecan Board has the best job in the world - promoting the healthiest, most nutritious food - Texas Pecans, for the best people on earth - Texas Pecan Farm Families!  

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Papa Pecan

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A Way of Life

Pecan Growers have a story to tell!

Texas pecan growers love growing pecans - period.  They plant pecan trees that take years to bear nuts.  They continue to battle weather, insects, disease and markets every year.  And still they love what they do.  These are family farmers who love the land, love the work, love the people and most of all love seeing people eat pecans.

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