Untreated Pecans found in the El Paso Area

Pecan are being harvested all over the state now. Some farm families have the fortune of being nearly through and others (El Paso Valley) are just starting. That said I need to remind everyone that we are pretty much a quarantine state for pecan weevil. The only non-quarantine area is the 5 most western counties around or near El Paso.

This past week over 60 loads were intercepted at a shelling plant near El Paso by Texas Department of Agriculture inspectors. These loads were from the quarantine area of the Southeast and had not been treated (168 hours of 0 degree temperatures) or inspected. Another 30+ loads were on their way and were turned back and into a cold storage facility for treatment.

Pecan buyers please be aware that pecans can not cross from the Quarantine area into the Non-Quarantine area without treatment and inspection by TDA. This law is in place to protect the West Texas pecan farm families as well as all the pecan farms in New Mexico, Arizona and California.

Unfortunately for farm families in the quarantine area this cold treatment is a hassle and costly too. The Texas Pecan Board (your elected representatives) is working with TDA to develop some guidance for how we might certify counties or even orchards as weevil-free. This will take time but the process has begun!

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