Texas Pecan Shows

It is the time of year that Pecan Shows are held in counties all across Texas. County Extension Agents and local pecan committees collect pecan samples from growers who want to enter their price pecans. These local folks set a date to meet and weigh, crack and reweigh all these entries to then display them for a judge. The picture you see is just a few of the many entries in a local show. The variety is a Cheyenne and is prepared to be judged with the shelled pieces in the top plate for evaluation and the whole nuts underneath for the judge to see as well.

Over the past week I have had the opportunity to judge 4 different county pecan shows, Williamson, Andrews, Ward and Pecos. It is a privilege to be asked and it is an absolute joy and passion to be able to judge. My favorite is to have a crowd around that I can talk to, lecture, tease and answer questions. Most people have no clue what I'm doing and so I take every opportunity to help them understand why we judge.

So, find out if you have a local show and go, see the entries, meet the growers and aggravate the judge. He'll love it!

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