Satellite and Drone Images for Pecan Scouting

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

There is nothing like being able to take a long look at your orchard to see the big picture. That recently became very true for me when I got to take a hard look at Jeff Loudermilk's orchard near Downing in Comanche County.  Jeff volunteered to help me with a project looking at both satellite and drone images to scout for problems or issues.  I am using Encirca Services from DuPont Pioneer to get nearly daily satellite images of selected orchards or fields.  If you look at the picture above it is a drone image at about 400 feet of Jeff's orchard.  I fly the drone at this height with the camera down taking images that I can then look at for differences.  The photo on the below has two images, the right is a simple satellite photo and the image on the left is called a plant health image that shows better plant health with blue to less plant health as lime green.  

What is the difference in the trees?  Well, I didn't know, but when I sent the pictures to Jeff he shot back with, "that blue is where I put the new product you gave me!"  I am doing some testing with a product called ProAcqua Pulse from Compass Minerals.  It is a foliar product that we hope gets in the leaves really well - and I think it does.  Thanks to Jeff Loudermilk for allowing me to test the satellite imagery and for trying new things.  I'll keep you posted on with ways I find to use this new image technology for orchards.

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