PNC Time and TPB Meeting

It's time to get your Pecan Nut Casebearer traps out and in the trees. In South Texas you should have them out by April 1 but here in Central Texas we usually have them up no later than April 15. This is my favorite trap (picture) because it lasts year after year, its plastic and durable, and even the metal "hook" is rustproof. I get the traps and lures from Trece direct but many pecan shops sell them. Put them where you will check them often - 3 times per week at least. Ideally one trap per 40 acres. I have a group of growers that share their trap catches with me so we can see how the PNC moths are moving. Usually we time sprays 10 - 14 days after our peak moth catches and when we see a nut entry.

Everything is different now and TPB meetings are different too. We are now having board meetings by conference calls. We have a meeting this morning (April 9) at 10 am. If you want to join in you are welcome. Just dial in at (254) 300-7307 and you are connected. We welcome your input.

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