Pecan Weevil, What’s New?

It is pecan weevil time in Texas, at least for some Texas Counties. Here in Central Texas we are still waiting for this elusive insect to appear, but I am sure it will, especially in these native pecan bottoms. In my last newsletter I talked about how much of the shelling industry has moved west. Since those plants are in the west, growers in the east, where weevils are a problem, have to move their pecans through quarantined areas into non-quarantined areas. This is not going to be legal and so a problem has developed.

The Texas Pecan Board has responsibility by law to alleviate any circumstance or condition that serves to impede the production, marketing, or use of pecans in the state of Texas. Working as a state agency with the Texas Department of Agriculture we are exploring ways with TDA that growers can move their pecans. TDA may be able to issue compliance agreements that allow for shipping pecans west and/or formulate new rules to regulate any movement of pecans from east to west.

The Texas Pecan Board, TDA representatives and TDA inspectors recently traveled to the El Paso Valley to meet with growers, shellers and even State Representative, Mary Gonzales. This is an ongoing effort but TPB is working on a solution with our parent state agency the Texas Department of Agriculture. Patrick Dudley with TDA is our representative for commodity boards and has been great to work with on this issue. If you have questions or suggestions you can either contact me or Patrick as we continue to work on solutions.

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