Pecan Standards Meeting

The Texas Pecan Board hosted a meeting for the American Pecan Council on February 27 in De Leon, TX to discuss implementing possible pecan standards. There were several things that came out of the meeting, but three are of particular importance.

One, APC can implement a pecan “quality” standard for inshell pecans when they are sold. This would mean that as you sell pecans they would be graded and probably marked with that grade which stays with the pecans. This is harder to do since each buying point would have to have a federal grader onsite.

Two, APC can implement a pecan “quality” standard for shelled pecans, basically at the backdoor of the shelling plant. This would mean less hassle and insures a quality product for manufacturers, but does little to help growers with pricing issues.

Third, APC can implement an MRL standard. This means that APC would set Maximum Residue Limits for certain residues like “synthetic hormones” said to be legal in Mexico. This would effectively prevent altered Mexican pecans from crossing the border because they could be tested at the border.

APC will be continuing to talk to growers about possibly implementing standards and how best to do that over the next few months.

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