Pecan Scab: now is the time to notice

Noble Foundation Article I have never been afraid to "steal" someone else's stuff, well maybe not steal just recognize good stuff when I see it. This article is terrific - sort of - if you consider how pervasive pecan scab is to the US pecan crop then the more we know the better!

The Noble Foundation is doing some great work on pecans and this article talks about their discoveries related to pecan scab and how it reproduces. My take away from the article is simple, we need to do all we can to keep orchards clean, free from old pecan debris and we need to start early in the year with preventative pecan scab treatments. I have advocated both of these practices but really didn't know if it could be proven to be right and it was expensive if I was wrong. Reading this article gives me confidence that pecan scab control starts right now as we harvest pecans do all you can to remove crop debris from the orchard floor. It will pay huge dividends for next years crop.

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