Pecan Oils, Pecan Meal, Pecan Flour, Pecan Malk?

Okay, I want to be really honest. Having worked in pecans and eaten pecans since I was a boy, I only recently tasted any of the products listed in the title (Pecan flour, Pecan Malk). My experience with pecans was simply pecan pie, roasted and coated pecans and throwing them in my cereal.

But, working with Wild Hive in all our promotion efforts I am now being forced to expand my horizons and the food is great! If you have never had noodles made with pecan flour or had a salad dressing made with pecan oil or drank a glass of Pecan Malk you have missed a great experience.

Terri Irion, along with her husband Bob, are pecan farmers near me and Terri loves to innovate pecan dishes. Terri recently sent me a picture of the Pecan Pie Crust she found and then the pie she prepared. She did this about the time you would want a dessert after dinner and of course all I got was a picture!!

Blair Krebs with TPGA recently gave me a bottle of Pecan Oil and if you have never tried it you have missed a real treat. It has a very mild taste and I like it on a salad.

So, if you are a pecan producer it is time to go out and see all they new pecan products out there. These new food innovations are great for pecan sales, they help remove the lower priced pecans and pecan pieces and they increase demand.

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