Native Pecan Crop Just Keeps Going

If you look close at this picture of a native pecan tree I took from 70’ up in the air, you can see pecans! I circled the pecan clusters in red so you can see them a little better or at least zero in on them without too much trouble. These native trees are near a creek bottom and in really deep, alluvial soils. The foliage is dark green and even though they are like all native pecan trees and get abused, still the crop is good.

I like to look at natives this time of year and mark the good trees and mark the bad trees. Paul Lollar, a long-time Central Texas pecan farmer, would say that a native tree "goes" if it can't carry its weight! That means, if there are no pecans for 2 years in a row is it a tree worth saving? I know its hard to cut down a big, beautiful pecan tree but the productive trees will quickly fill in the space. Also, that tree is not doing you any good if you are grazing livestock. It is just using space, water and fertilizer.

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