Native Pecan Crop?

I am not trying to overload anyone with too many posts about pecans but this is kinda unique. Today I went down to a famous pecan bottom for our area called Hodges Park. This pecan bottom has 60-70 foot tall trees and they are beautiful to see. Unfortunately, like most pecan bottoms, the lower limbs are generally too high up to inspect for a native pecan crop. This is certainly the case at Hodges Park but there were enough lower limbs, with pecans, to make me want to look higher up.

These two pictures were taken with my Mavic 2 Pro drone at about 35-40 feet high. The camera on the drone is so good that I can have the drone about 6-8 feet away and take pictures. Once I get back home I can then zoom in on the pictures and look for nutlets. In these two pictures I marked the nutlet clusters with red arrows since you can't zoom in. Needless to say there is a native crop on these trees not far from the Leon River and generally along the Leon River to orchards near Lamkin in south Comanche County. Don't count out your native trees this year, there may be more pecans than you think!

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