It's Happening Fast Now!

I don't know about your part of Texas but here in Central Texas (De Leon, Texas) we are right in the thick of it!  Fortunately we have recently received great rains and the trees look in great shape.   Most everyone has finished nitrogen applications and are working hard on getting out zinc sprays.  Our sprays include a fungicide with most growers applying a sterol inhibitor like tebucanozole or propicanozole simply because we are continuing to get rainy weather for several days in a row.  Growers in this area put their PNC traps out by April 15 and we expect our first moths around May 1 but the cool, wet wether may delay things this year.   One problem we have in almost all our orchards in Central Texas are resistant weeds, especially marestail.  This weed first showed up 2 years ago and every year since they have increased in number.  Growers are adding in 2,4-D with glyphosate but are concerned with drift and volatilization.  More than likely growers here will be looking more and more at preemerge herbicides to get resistant weeds under control.

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