First Pecans of the Season. What is our Crop Condition?

It is always amazing to me that we can have ripe, ready pecans on September 9. The first picture is of some Pawnee in Larry Don Womack's orchard and the middle and last picture were sent to me by Jeramie Grissom here in Comanche County, owner of Grissom Farms. See how filled out they are!!

Black Pecan Aphid

Over the past few days we are starting to see just how big the crop is here in this area. Limbs are heavy with pecans and most of the trees are straining under the weight. We are having some issues with Black Pecan Aphid and growers have had to spray to protect leaves for fall.

Steve Whalley over near Brownwood reported some Brown Stink Bug infestations and I have now seen them in some orchards I’ve visited.

The El Paso valley is still looking light with estimated 50% of normal nut production. Fortunately, they do have irrigation water and the trees look good – better luck next year! Lastly, the crop up north along the Red River may be one of the best around. Jake Montz has every finger crossed that he makes it to harvest. He better, since he’s had hail, wind and tornadoes all this season!

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