Assessments show Pecan sales

As of Friday, December 28, the Texas Pecan Board had received $32,682.78 in assessments. These payments had come from three buyers, U.S. Pecan Ltd, San Saba Pecan and Durham Pecan Co. This represents 6,536,556 lbs of pecans sold in Texas to date. This also represents just 8 grower entities and really that only represents 7 pecan producers. One grower requested and received a refund of $1005.57, not sure why they wanted a refund. The Texas Pecan Board and the Texas Department of Agriculture have rules in place that guarantee refunds if requested.

Any grower can request a refund but they first have to pay the assessment to the buyer and then send in a request for a refund. We usually send checks right away but the law says we can wait till the first of the next month.

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