Texas Pecan Board

As a part of Texas Commodity Law, Texas pecan growers petitioned the Texas Commissioner of Agriculture to allow for an election to be held to create the Texas Pecan Board.  In August of 1998 Texas pecan growers overwhelmingly voted to form the Texas Pecan Producers Board known as Texas Pecan Board today. Texas pecan producers also voted to assess 1/2 cent per pound of pecans so that the Texas Pecan Board could develop programs that support pecan growers and reach out to pecan consumers. The uniqueness of Texas Commodity Law and the Texas Pecan Board is that it allows Texas pecan growers the right to regulate their industry and develop programs that help their industry with the backing of the State of Texas.  According to the law, TPB’s primary purpose is to put in place programs to alleviate any circumstance or condition that serves to impede the production, marketing, or use of pecans. 


What is the Texas Pecan Board doing?

First, using the legal authority of the State of Texas, TPB is working with Texas allied pecan industry groups and the American Pecan Council to provide a unified pecan grower voice addressing grower issues as well as speaking out on behalf of growers to the public. We are elected by growers, paid for by growers to represent growers! 

Second, TPB wants to provide the latest and best market data and market statistics for growers to use in decision making, especially selling pecans.  

Third, TPB is focused on research that promotes both the production and marketing of Texas pecans.


Combined with the efforts of the American Pecan Council and other allied pecan industry representatives, the Texas Pecan Board will ensure that people know about “Texas Pecans grown by Texans for Texas Consumers!”  For more information or to contact us, check out our contact page, we would love to hear from you.  

Bob Whitney, Executive Director

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