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The Texas Pecan Board has been around since August 1998 when a statewide election was conducted by pecan farmers to approve the voluntary checkoff program.


Checkoff programs exist because growers (not buyers or shellers) decide that they are better off if they all cooperate to do promotion, research, education and marketing – TOGETHER!  The Texas Pecan Board like every other commodity board in Texas (beef, corn, sorghum, peanuts, etc.) is a state agency representing your commodity.  We operate as a state agency under the auspices of the Texas Department of Agriculture.  They (TDA), oversee our assessment collection, our elections, our meetings, our budget, even our checking accounts to ensure that we spend your money properly and wisely.


Checkoff programs can have a lot of power and authority in an industry because they are a state agency and are a part of state government but they must have grower support to accomplish anything.  Checkoff programs are the purest form of grower cooperation and USDA economic research consistently shows that for every $1 invested you get as much as $18 in return.  

TPB Growing Areas 2019 9-12-20.jpg

Google Maps

Below is a google map of all the pecan orchards, suppliers, retails stores, shellers, etc., that I have found or knew about.  It changes regularly!

If something is wrong just let me know and remember this is all public information gotten from Google! 

To see a full size map just click the        icon in the top right.  To see names click          the arrow in the top left or just click on a pin in the map.

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