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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is the pecan assessment and how do I pay the assessment? 

The assessment is 1/2 cent per pound of pecans sold.  It is normally paid (or deducted from your total) to the first handler when you sell your pecans.  The first handler is required to send in the assessment to the Texas Pecan Board. If you don't sell to a first handler or it is not deducted then you can send in the assessment as a grower and forms are under the Forms/Information tab above.

  • I heard the assessment was voluntary for growers, that I don't have to pay if I don't want to pay, is that true?

The assessment is voluntary for growers but under state law all growers or first handlers must send in the assessment.  So, if you did not send in your assessment form when you sold your pecans then it is your responsibility as a grower to send in the assessment form.  If you paid the assessment and the first handler failed to remit the assessment then they face the penalty not you as a grower.

  • What happens if I don't pay the assessment?

The Texas Pecan Board is your pecan commodity checkoff program and the checkoff is voluntary. First, it is important that every pecan grower file crop reports so that we have a record of production.  These statistics help the industry know what is going on and how best to deal with issues.  Second, we need the reports and we certainly need your financial support but nothing will happen to you if you don't pay the assessment (see below).  The Texas Pecan Board is made up of pecan farmers who want to do what is best for all pecan farmers and we can only do that if we cooperate.

  • Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can get a refund.  Certainly the TPB wants to conduct Promotion, Research and Education programs that benefit all growers.  We hope that you will see the benefits that all growers experience when they cooperative together to develop the kinds of activities individual growers just cannot do.  But, if you still want a refund then you must first verify that you paid the 1/2 cent per pound of pecans assessment.  After that is verified and you submit a Refund Request Form then your check is mailed ASAP.  

  • Who is exempt from paying the assessment and what do they do?

Pecan producers with less than 500 trees on at least 15 acres are exempt from the 1/2 cent per pound assessment. The First Handler must have the pecan producer complete a Pecan Producer Exemption Form provided by the Board and return the Pecan Producer Exemption Form with the First Handler Form.

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