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Texas Pecan Board


To produce healthy, wholesome pecans, grown sustainably by 

Texas farm families for generations to come.




To better the lives of Texas pecan farm families through improved 

farm productivity, enhanced market strategies, and promotion of

Texas’ pecan farm families and their pecan products.


The Texas Pecan Board elected by and on behalf of Texas pecan producers will develop, finance, carry out, and participate in programs

of research, disease and insect control, predator control, education, indemnification, and promotion designed to encourage the production, marketing, and use of Texas pecans or alleviate any circumstance or condition that serves to impede the production, marketing, or use

of Texas pecans.  

The Texas Pecan Board will carry out its purpose as the state agency for pecans under the auspices of the Texas Department of Agriculture

and Texas state legal statutes.

Click to Download Texas Pecan Board Bylaws

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